Michael Strange

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We speculated that prophylactic ligation of the ductus arteriosus would reduce mortality and morbidity in very-low-birth-weight infants. To test this hypothesis, we randomly assigned 84 babies who weighed 1000 g or less at birth and required supplemental oxygen either to receive standard treatment (n = 44) or to undergo prophylactic surgical ligation of the(More)
BACKGROUND Previously we demonstrated the safety and patency of a magnetic compression anastomosis (magnamosis). We present the further development of this technique, with specific focus on optimizing device design for minimally invasive magnamosis. STUDY DESIGN The magnamosis device was designed to incorporate 3 features: 2 convex-concave radially(More)
PURPOSE The purposes of this investigation were to 1) measure success of a primary tooth pulpotomy technique that applies formocresol in the sub-base without the common five-minute application of a formocresol impregnated cotton pellet; and 2) compare success rates of the pulpotomy procedure using traditional criteria found throughout the literature with(More)
Mycoplasma hominis or Ureaplasma urealyticum have previously been isolated from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in 13 of 100 newborn infants tested from a high risk university hospital population where the mothers were of predominantly lower income and socioeconomic status and had often received little or no prenatal care. We sought to determine whether such(More)
PURPOSE This prospective study aimed to evaluate unilateral versus bilateral mandibular nerve block anesthesia with regard to post-operative soft tissue trauma and other complications in a pediatric population. METHODS A total of 320 patients age 2 to 18 years were appointed for routine operative treatment. There were no age, gender, behavior, or general(More)
The authors present data supporting the conclusion that the transcutaneous bilirubin index may be a valuable tool to help distinguish term babies with a total serum bilirubin value less than 13 mg/dl from those with higher levels and that it serves as a valuable screening device to decrease the number of unnecessary total serum bilirubin tests. Also(More)
Uncertainty exists whether the acute perioperative blood pressure changes associated with surgical closure of a PDA may cause or worsen IVH. Twenty infants undergoing PDA ligation had pre- and postoperative intracranial ultrasound studies performed within 24h of each other. The studies were read and graded (Papile classification) by one author (G.M.) who(More)
  • Pichard L. Allington, Richard L. All, Michael Strange, Allington E Strange
  • 2011
The purpose of this study was to dr,eraine whether good and poor readers of the same age levels differed in their performance on,a task which required the integration of semantic-syntactic. and grapho-phonic information. Fifteen fourth grade gcod readers, 15 faurth grade poor readers, and 15 second grade good readers read six sentences that had one word(More)
The complex interaction between family leave acts and the new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is just coming to light as employers begin to analyze how to comply with both laws. Specifically, the ADA implicates the procedures set forth in most family leave acts for verifying an employee's need for a leave through mandatory medical examinations and(More)
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