Michael Stocking

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Declining yields and environmental problems associated with many agricultural systems around the world have resulted in an on-going global call for adoption of sustainable ways of agricultural production. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGAIR) defined sustainable agriculture as(More)
Turning the Pages, the award-winning interactive program developed by the British Library, provides access to unique medical resources held by the Wellcome Library, allowing visitors to 'turn' the pages virtually, zoom in on the high-quality digitized images and read (or listen to) notes explaining the beauty and significance of each text.
Biological diversity in areas of land use (called ‘agrodiversity’ in the People, Land Management and Environmental Change – PLEC project) is not simply a function of the diversity of species and varieties of biota. Naturally, it does concern standard ecological biodiversity aspects (often termed ‘agro-biodiversity’ or ‘agricultural biodiversity’). Usually(More)
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