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Multivariate polynomial dynamical systems over finite fields have been studied in several contexts, including engineering and mathematical biology. An important problem is to construct models of such systems from a partial specification of dynamic properties, e.g., from a collection of state transition measurements. Here, we consider static models, which(More)
We show that the Hilbert scheme, that parametrizes all ideals with the same Hilbert function over an exterior algebra, is connected. We give a new proof of Hartshorne's Theorem that the classical Hilbert scheme is connected. More precisely: if Q is either a polynomial ring or an exterior algebra, we prove that every two strongly stable ideals in Q with the(More)
In this note we describe aspects of the cohomology of coherent sheaves on a complete toric variety X over a field k and, more generally, the local cohomology, with supports in a monomial ideal, of a finitely generated module over a polynomial ring S. This leads to an efficient way of computing such cohomology, for which we give explicit algorithms. The(More)