Michael Stephens

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Phytoplankton blooms over Arctic Ocean continental shelves are thought to be restricted to waters free of sea ice. Here, we document a massive phytoplankton bloom beneath fully consolidated pack ice far from the ice edge in the Chukchi Sea, where light transmission has increased in recent decades because of thinning ice cover and proliferation of melt(More)
Mutations in the LRBA gene (encoding the lipopolysaccharide-responsive and beige-like anchor protein) cause a syndrome of autoimmunity, lymphoproliferation, and humoral immune deficiency. The biological role of LRBA in immunologic disease is unknown. We found that patients with LRBA deficiency manifested a dramatic and sustained improvement in response to(More)
The areas of commercial wood plantations in Australia and New Zealand are 2.01 and 1.71 million hectares respectively, representing the predominant type of planted forest. This paper reviews the status of planted forests in Australia and New Zealand and discusses opportunities for further development taking into account economic, social and environmental(More)
After publication of our work (Rhodes and Stephens 2014), we realised that incorrect data was included in Table five (Table 1 here). Specifically, most of the mean annual increment values and some of the rotation lengths were misquoted. The correct version of Table five (Table 1 here) is provided here.
Figures Figure 1. Lake turnover in dimictic lakes. Figure 2. A conceptual model of the cycle of the major forms of phosphorus, dissolved (DP) and particulate (PP), within a lake ecosystem. Figure 3. The nitrogen cycle within a lake ecosystem. Figure 4. Comparisons of runoff after an April rainstorm in two neighboring watersheds near Augusta, ME. Figure 5.(More)