Michael Steinmann

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The GABA(A) receptors are the major inhibitory neurotransmitter receptors in mammalian brain. Each isoform consists of five homologous or identical subunits surrounding a central chloride ion-selective channel gated by GABA. How many isoforms of the receptor exist is far from clear. GABA(A) receptors located in the postsynaptic membrane mediate neuronal(More)
Rare Earth Elements (REE) are widely used to trace natural geochemical processes. They are also increasingly used by man (electronics industry, medicine, agriculture) and therefore considered as emerging pollutants. The present study documents REE mobility in non-polluted natural soil-plant systems in order to characterize their environmental availability(More)
The use of Big Data--however the term is defined--involves a wide array of issues and stakeholders, thereby increasing numbers of complex decisions around issues including data acquisition, use, and sharing. Big Data is becoming a significant component of practice in an ever-increasing range of disciplines; however, since it is not a coherent "discipline"(More)
Ion transporters are fundamental to life. Due to their ancient origin and conservation in sequence, ion transporters are also particularly well suited for comparative genomics of distantly related species. Here, we perform genome-wide ion transporter profiling as a basis for comparative genomics of eukaryotes. From a given predicted proteome, we identify(More)
The observation that the membranes of flagella are enriched in sterols and sphingolipids has led to the hypothesis that flagella might be enriched in raft-forming lipids. However, a detailed lipidomic analysis of flagellar membranes is not available. Novel protocols to detach and isolate intact flagella from Trypanosoma brucei procyclic forms in combination(More)
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