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T he flagship publication of the MTT-S is IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. As the premier journal in the microwave field, we seek to capture and disseminate knowledge of RF, microwave, guided-wave, and wireless technologies. We provide a service to many of our members who want to publish their contributions, and we provide a service to(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Severe acute pancreatitis is characterized by acinar cell death and inflammation. Necroptosis is an aggressive and pro-inflammatory mode of cell death that can be prevented by necrostatin-1 administration or RIP3 deletion. METHODS Mouse pancreatic acinar cells were incubated with supramaximally stimulating concentrations of caerulein(More)
B eyond 3G is the official IEEE designation for the next stage of wireless technology that some people call 4G or fourth-generation radio. Over the years, every conceptual shift in wireless technology has been characterized as a generational change. With a good dose of hindsight, the generations of radio and major radio systems in each category are(More)
Lysed Torpedo synaptosomes or washed synaptosomal membranes were incubated with [32P]NAD+ and subjected to electrophoresis on SDS-polyacrylamide gels. More than eight membrane proteins were ADP-ribosylated. The most intensely labeled proteins were those of Mr = 62,000 and 82,000. Radiolabeling was more intense in synaptosomes than in other subcellular(More)
Spatial power combining is a method of coherently combining the power of many amplifying devices using free space as the power dividing/combining medium in contrast to traditional circuit based combiners. The spatial combiner is formed from an array of amplifying unit cells, with each cell receiving a signal, amplifying it, and then radiating it into free(More)
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