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Cellular differentiation entails reprogramming of the transcriptome from a pluripotent to a unipotent fate. This process was suggested to coincide with a global increase of repressive heterochromatin, which results in a reduction of transcriptional plasticity and potential. Here we report the dynamics of the transcriptome and an abundant heterochromatic(More)
The proper number and distribution of stomata are essential for the efficient exchange of gases between the atmosphere and the aerial parts of plants. We show that the density and development of stomatal complexes on the epidermis of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves depend, in part, on the microRNA-mediated regulation of Agamous-like16 (AGL16), which is a member(More)
Since the first observation of perceptual reversal by Necker, many theoretical approaches have been proposed. In a previous study, we showed that a positive wave appeared approximately 250 ms prior to the button press of the subjects, indicating perceptual reversal during the observation of the Necker cube figure. A basic difficulty in this type of study is(More)
In previous studies, a perceptual switching related potential was obtained during the observation of a multistable dynamic reversal pattern, where the averaging of the single responses was triggered by subjects pressing a button. The present methodological study aims to increase the signal quality of perceptual switching related potentials considering the(More)
Sequence-specific recognition of nucleic-acid motifs is critical to many cellular processes. We have developed a new and general method called Neighborhood Inference (NI) that predicts sequences with activity in regulating a biochemical process based on the local density of known sites in sequence space. Applied to the problem of RNA splicing regulation, NI(More)
We have recently shown that transcription factor binding leads to defined reduction in DNA methylation, allowing for the identification of active regulatory regions from high-resolution methylomes. Here, we present MethylSeekR, a computational tool to accurately identify such footprints from bisulfite-sequencing data. Applying our method to a large number(More)
Despite the recent easing of electricity wholesale prices, the absolute level of on-peak electricity prices for most markets is tremendously high. The German on-peak electricity wholesale price is about 290% higher than six years ago, which has resulted in tariff hikes. These tariff hikes burden economies worldwide and result in higher inflation or economic(More)
Current policies in the U.S. and other countries are trying to stimulate electric transportation deployment. Consequently, plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) adoption will presumably spread among vehicle users. With the increased diffusion of PEVs, lithium-ion batteries will also enter the market on a broad scale. However, their costs are still high and ways(More)