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The paper is a review of scientific data obtained in 1990-1998 and concerning the up-to-date diagnostical approaches used in the laboratory practice. The main widely used methods of HIV-specific antigens and antibodies detection in biological fluids are discussed. The paper deals with the basic methods of HIV-infection diagnosis, an analysis of their(More)
The authors studied the antiviral effect of an interferonogenic yeast RNA-tilorone molecular complex (MC) compared to the Virolex, videly used antiherpetic drug, and standard interferon (IFN) alpha/beta inducer poly(I)poly(C) in Vero cells culture infected with herpes simplex type I virus (HSV-1). The tilorone contained by MC has been shown to be twice less(More)
It was investigated the effect of probiotic strains Bifidobacterium animalis VKL and VKB and their mixture on erosive and ulcerative lesions in the gastric mucosa (GM) of rats induced by water immersion restraint stress. It was found that separate prophylactic introduction for 14 days of Bifidobacterium animalis VKL or Bifidobacterium animalis VKB didn't(More)
The influence of nanocrystalline cerium dioxide (NCD, 1 and 100 mg/kg per os daily for 10 days) on morphofuctional state of reproductive system was investigated in ageing male rats. It has been established that activation of hormone-producing testicular Leydig's cells, as well as of secretory and proliferative processes in prostate, underlies the(More)
Properties of interferon productivity of several inducers of interferon, analogs of amixin, have been studied in vivo. It has been shown, that under the influence of injected agents the content of endogenic interferon in the blood serum of laboratory animals increased and their non-fractionated cells of the peripheral blood (splenocites and macrophages)(More)
Example M.2 (a) The “open rectangle” O = { (x, y) ∈ IR ∣ ∣ 0 < x < 1, 0 < y < 1 } is an open subset of IR because any point a = (x0, y0) ∈ O is a nonzero distance, namely d = min { x0, 1 − x0, y0, 1 − y0 } away from the boundary of O. So the open ball Bd/2(a) is contained in O. (b) The “closed rectangle” C = { (x, y) ∈ IR ∣ ∣ 0 ≤ x ≤ 1, 0 ≤ y ≤ 1 } is an(More)
The authors studied the impact of HPV infection and HPV-associated cellular intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) and cancer in situ on indicators of cellular immunity, such as levels of T(CD3+)- and B (CD19+)-lymphocytes as well as those of their subpopulations (CD4+, CD8+, CD3+DR+, CD3-DR+). Female patients presenting with benign states and CIN II as well as(More)