Michael Speidel

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We show that the position of a fluorescent nanoparticle can be measured in three dimensions with subnanometer precision and 100-ms temporal resolution by use of standard epifluorescence video imaging in off-focus mode. The particle can be tracked without feedback in a volume of at least 40 microm x 60 microm x 3 microm. With the technique presented, the(More)
The monoclonal murine T cell hybridoma, 51H7D, was previously shown to bind the arsazobenzene hapten and to produce a soluble antigen-binding molecule. In this paper we characterize this antigen-binding immunoprotein for its relationship to known T cell receptors serologically, using antibodies specific for variable region framework, or joining region(More)
We show that a polyclonal rabbit antiserum raised against a purified monoclonal T cell component from a lower primate (cotton-topped marmoset) reacts by immunoblot transfer (Western Blot analysis) with serum immunoglobulin of man and marmoset. The antigenic component had an approximate mass of 68 kilodaltons and was isolated by immune-affinity(More)
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