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—Several standardization efforts for Smart Grids in US and Europe are currently gaining momentum. Even if there are different focuses in US and Europe on what is known as the smart grid, all agree on the fact, that standardization is a key issue for a proper technical interoperability [4]. Hence, a lot of studies and roadmaps pick standardization in the(More)
Biogeochemical elemental cycling is driven by primary production of biomass via phototrophic phytoplankton growth, with 40% of marine productivity being assigned to diatoms. Phytoplankton growth is widely limited by the availability of iron, an essential component of the photosynthetic apparatus. The oceanic diatom Thalassiosira oceanica shows a remarkable(More)
MOTIVATION Assembling the relevant information needed to interpret the output from high-throughput, genome scale, experiments such as gene expression microarrays is challenging. Analysis reveals genes that show statistically significant changes in expression levels, but more information is needed to determine their biological relevance. The challenge is to(More)
In this paper we present concepts for integrating glyphs into volumetric data sets. These concepts have been developed with the goal to make glyph-based visualization of multimodal volumetric data sets more flexible and intuitive. We propose a surface-based glyph placement strategy reducing visual clutter as well as image-space glyph aggre-gation. Thus the(More)
—The IEC 61970/61968 Common Information Model is undoubtedly one of the core standards of the future smart grid as pointed out by different organizations and recent standardization roadmaps. Its acceptance in the energy sector and the active standardization work is very high and make it one of the most established standards worldwide in the energy domain.(More)
SUMMARY pymzML is an extension to Python that offers (i) an easy access to mass spectrometry (MS) data that allows the rapid development of tools, (ii) a very fast parser for mzML data, the standard data format in MS and (iii) a set of functions to compare or handle spectra. AVAILABILITY AND IMPLEMENTATION pymzML requires Python2.6.5+ and is fully(More)
UNLABELLED We present Proteomatic, an operating system independent and user-friendly platform that enables the construction and execution of MS/MS data evaluation pipelines using free and commercial software. Required external programs such as for peptide identification are downloaded automatically in the case of free software. Due to a strict separation of(More)
BACKGROUND High-throughput bioinformatic analysis tools are needed to mine the large amount of structural data via knowledge based approaches. The development of such tools requires a robust interface to access the structural data in an easy way. For this the Python scripting language is the optimal choice since its philosophy is to write an understandable(More)