Michael Sorg

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In the eld of visual control of robot motion, visual servoing has been proposed as the suitable control strategy to cope with imprecise models and calibration errors. Remaining problems such as the necessity of a high rate of visual feedback are deemed to be solvable by the development of real-time vision modules. However, human grasping, which still(More)
In the eld of visually guided grasping, humans still outshine their robotic counterparts with respect to accuracy, speed, robustness, and exibility. We therefore examined current neuroscientiic models for the control of human reach-to-grasp movements and, based on one of them, developed a novel visual motion control strategy. This control strategy was(More)
Dief olgende Arbeit befasst sich mitd em Themad er Fernwartungs-zugriffe.W elcheA rtenv on Fernwartungszugängens indi nd er Praxis zu finden und welche sicherheitstechnischenG efahrene rgeben sich daraus.W eiterhinw ird einK onzeptv orgestellt, welchesd urch Einsatze ines Rendezvous-Serverse ine Erhöhung desSecurity-Levels ermöglicht.
PURPOSE An accurate measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) is still essential for detecting, following-up, and treating glaucoma. The objective of the interdisciplinary project GlauPhon was to prove a new noncontact tonometry principle that analyzes the acoustic oscillation of the eye. METHOD Three enucleated porcine eyes were infused via the optic(More)