Michael Sonntag

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We tested 55 deceased vespertilionid bats of 12 species from southern Germany for virus infections. A new adenovirus was isolated from tissue samples of 2 Pipistrellus pipistrellus bats, which represents the only chiropteran virus isolate found in Europe besides lyssavirus (rabies virus). Evidence was found for adenovirus transmission between bats.
Introduction Because in the production learning material is very costly to create, the aim of providing reusability is as important as it is for any software as well. But additionally reusability in e-learning also covers re-use of organisational structures (manifests) including course syllabus and other navigation vehicles as roadmaps, which we will(More)
When creating learning content for online or offline viewing, metadata is an important part, so the Learning Management System can decide what to show whom in which form, or perform other functions (e. g. examinations, enrolment). For reusing content it must be possible to create offline versions (e. g. on CDs) from the same data to avoid inconsistencies(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to analyse the psychometric properties of the EQ-5D in patients with social phobia. METHODS We used a sample of 445 patients with social phobia with five measurement points over a 30 month period. The discriminative ability of the EQ-5D was analysed by comparing the patients' responses with the general population and(More)
Public administration should serve the citizens. However, electronic communication with it is still in its infancy. To improve response speed on inquiries and allow unattended inspection of records, an unambiguous and secure way of identifying records is needed. Another issue is how citizens locate the person responsible for handling certain requests. If(More)
Mobile agents are autonomous entities that handle tasks for their owner. Agents act on their own by reacting to changes and by planning their course of action. These agents can move from one server to another. In the future, agents will also be supplied with real money in some form to pay for resources or services.In this paper we discuss a dynamic security(More)
Privacy is about controlling which data on you is stored by others and what it is used for. There are many different interests about this data: Consumers/Citizens want to reveal no data at all, while companies/government needs it for providing services (or desires more for providing more/better services). Reducing the personal data needed for providing(More)