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OBJECTIVE Depression is the most commonly reported psychiatric symptom in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). However, more research is needed examining the impact of depression on cognitive functioning in MCI patients. The purpose of this study was to examine differences in cognitive functioning in a sample of community- based, depressed, and(More)
INTRODUCTION Malignant glaucoma occurs when the intraocular pressure elevates in the setting of a shallow anterior chamber and patent iridectomy. We describe a case in which malignant glaucoma that was refractory to conventional treatment and complete vitrectomy was successfully managed by rerouting the glaucoma tubes into the pars plana. CASE(More)
Firms' organizational structures impose constraints on their ability to use promotion-based incentives. We develop a framework for identifying these constraints and exploring their consequences. We show that …rms manage workers careers by choosing personnel policies that resemble an internal labor market. Firms may adopt forced-turnover policies to keep(More)
  • Jeff JC Hou, Eric Zhu, Michael Song, Kar M Leung, Martina Jones, Trent P Munro +1 other
  • 2015
Background Cell line generation (CLG) in the scope of bioproduc-tion can be defined as a method to isolate a single cell expressing a recombinant protein of interest. The standard method of CLG often involves the introduction of the transgene into a cell in an attempt to use the cellular machinery for transcription, translation and secretion. The use of(More)
XTENs are unstructured, nonrepetitive protein polymers designed to prolong the in vivo half-life of pharmaceuticals by introducing a bulking effect similar to that of poly(ethylene glycol). While XTEN can be expressed as a recombinant fusion protein with bioactive proteins and peptides, therapeutic molecules of interest can also be chemically conjugated to(More)
INTRODUCTION Selective laser trabeculoplasty is a treatment option to lower intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. It has been proven to work in adults. We describe two pediatric patients with glaucoma who responded well to selective laser trabeculoplasty. CASE PRESENTATIONS Two patients with pediatric glaucoma underwent selective laser(More)