Michael Soffner

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Today, often small, heterogeneous systems have to cooperate in order to fulfill a certain task. Interoperability between these systems is needed for their collaboration. However, achieving this interoperability raises several problems. For example, embedded systems might induce a higher probability for a system failure due to constrained power supply.(More)
Virtual Reality enhances the development process of complex and inter-operating products due to bringing existing systems together with virtual prototypes. The modeling of existing products within the virtual reality environment and furthermore the properties of products and product combination are important factors for success in a product life cycle. A(More)
Ubiquitous computing is getting more important since requirements for complex systems grow fast. In these systems, embedded devices have to fulfill different tasks. They have to monitor the environment, store data, communicate with other devices, and react to user input. In addition to this complexity, quality issues such as security and reliability have to(More)
In complex systems, e.g., in logistic hubs, cars or factories, there is a need for real time decision support. In present approaches the transfer and storage process and subsequent analysis of data in real time is not possible. One reason is that data sources can fail and thus the information flow is interrupted. Furthermore there is a large divergence of(More)
s of Papers in Post-Proceedings 1. Michael Soffner, Norbert Siegmund, Marko Rosenmüller, Janet Feigenspan, Thomas Leich and Gunter Saake. A VARIABILITY MODEL FOR QUERY OPTIMIZERS By adopting to more domains, database management systems (DBMSs) increase their functionality continously. This leads to DBMSs that include often unnecessary functionality, which(More)
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