Michael Soden

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From metamodels that are defined using OMG's Meta Object Facility (MOF) it is possible to automatically derive model repositories where models conforming to that metamodel can be stored and accessed through standardized interfaces. But the concepts offered by MOF allow only the description of certain aspects of a metamodel such as its data structure but(More)
The development processes for software based automobile functions is getting more and more complex within OEM and supplier organizations. Safety regulations in many target markets require the stakeholders to integrate the development processes with multifaceted orthogonal analysis and design procedures. The main problems to overcome are that development(More)
Models based on meta-models have been recognized as essential assets in model driven software engineering. OMG's meta-modelling framework MOF allows the definition of languages as object-oriented structure models, but it does not allow to specify the semantics of languages. This has three reasons: The inability to meta-model the behaviour of the modelled(More)
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