Michael Smith

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We present Owlgres, a DL-Lite reasoner implementation written for PostgreSQL, a mature open source database. Owlgres is an OWL reasoner that provides consistency checking and conjunctive query services, supports DL-LiteR as well as the OWL sameAs construct, and is not limited to PostgreSQL. We discuss the implementation with special focus on sameAs and the(More)
In this paper we present the basic requirements and initial design of a system which manages and facilitates changes to an OWL ontology in a multi-editor environment. This system uses a centralized client-server architecture in which the server maintains the current state and full history of all managed ontologies. Clients can access the current ontology(More)
The Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail currently houses about 160% of its rated capacity[1]. This overcrowding can contribute to recidivism and jeopardize public safety. The Charlottesville criminal justice system seeks to analyze factors that affect recidivism and jail overcrowding but existing criminal justice agency data systems were not designed to(More)
The incarceration of mentally ill individuals in the Unites States has come under increased scrutiny in recent years due to both ethical and practical concerns. This paper describes research aimed at advancing the understanding of the treatment of the mentally ill population within the local criminal justice system. Specifically, it (1) demonstrates how(More)
SIR,-Drs. A. V. Hoffbrand and A. Lavoie are to be complimented on their paper "Megaloblastic Anaemia" (8 June, p. 550) for its lucidity, conciseness, and comprehensiveness. It illustrates the best in modern medicine, and also the worst. I would cavil with them on one point: they state that in order to make a diagnosis of megaloblastic anaemia it is(More)