Michael Smith

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OBJECTIVE Although four meta-analytic reviews support the efficacy of pharmacotherapy and behavior therapy for the treatment of insomnia, no meta-analysis has evaluated whether these treatment modalities yield comparable outcomes during acute treatment. The authors conducted a quantitative review of the literature on the outcome of the two treatments to(More)
OBJECTIVE Pain-related coping strategies, especially catastrophizing, play an influential role in shaping pain responses. However, although numerous studies have examined the impact of catastrophizing on chronic pain outcomes, relatively few have evaluated relationships between individual differences in pain-related catastrophizing and pain perception, with(More)
Sleep disturbance is perhaps one of the most prevalent complaints of patients with chronically painful conditions. Experimental studies of healthy subjects and cross-sectional research in clinical populations suggest the possibility that the relationship between sleep disturbance and pain might be reciprocal, such that pain disturbs sleep continuity/quality(More)
UNLABELLED Catastrophizing is widely recognized as an important risk factor for adverse pain-related outcomes. However, questions remain surrounding the details of its assessment. In particular, recent laboratory studies suggest that evaluation of "situational" catastrophizing (ie, catastrophizing measured during or directly after the administration of(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES We characterized sleep disorder rates in temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and evaluated possible associations between sleep disorders and laboratory measures of pain sensitivity. DESIGN Research diagnostic examinations were conducted, followed by two consecutive overnight polysomnographic studies with morning and evening assessments(More)
Several recent reports suggest that pain-related catastrophizing is a risk factor for poor acute pain outcomes following surgical interventions. However, it has been less clear whether levels of catastrophizing influence longer-term postoperative outcomes. Data were analyzed from a relatively small number (n=43) of patients who underwent total knee(More)
Our ability to perceive visual motion is critically dependent on the human motion complex (hMT+) in the dorsal visual stream. Extensive electrophysiological research in the monkey equivalent of this region has demonstrated how neuronal populations code for properties such as speed and direction, and that neurometric functions relate to psychometric(More)
Basic biology and rearing methods were determined for Timandra griseata Peterson (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) and Homorosoma chinensis Wagner (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), two potential biological control agents of mile-a-minute weed (Polygonum perfoliatum L., Polygonaceae). Both species also were tested for their ability to feed and develop on crop plants in(More)
OBJECTIVE Radiographic measures of the pathologic changes of knee osteoarthritis (OA) have shown modest associations with clinical pain. We sought to evaluate possible differences in quantitative sensory testing (QST) results and psychosocial distress profiles between knee OA patients with discordant versus congruent clinical pain reports relative to(More)
Insomnia is a pervasive problem for many patients suffering from medical and psychiatric conditions. Even when the comorbid disorders are successfully treated, insomnia often fails to remit. In addition to compromising quality of life, untreated insomnia may also aggravate and complicate recovery from the comorbid disease. Cognitive behavior therapy for(More)