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OBJECTIVES The goal of this research was to study the effects of rosuvastatin on systemic and regional hemodynamics in two hypertensive rat models, one genetic, the other induced with inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis. BACKGROUND Rats naturally have low cholesterol levels that are generally unaffected by statin therapy, thus providing a good model for(More)
A method is proposed for the analysis of acoustic scenes. The contribution of each competing source is suppressed on the basis of harmonic structure or cross-sensor correlation, in such a way that other sources may be estimated. Successive suppression of sources allows the scene to be characterized. In the limit of purely periodic sources and no noise, the(More)
Reconstruction of the vermilion border in three patients with maxillofacial bullet wounds was by use of a tongue flap. The interest of a bifid flap is stressed, this providing a border capable of allowing almost normal opening of the mouth, and possessing the advantage of its removal from the ventral surface giving an appearance close to that of the(More)
The correction of dento-facial deformities with Lefort I osteotomy are always accompanied by changes in soft tissue and skeleton. But, in many cases there is also modification of the low floor of the nose and profile changes. This clinical experience has been confirmed in the Laboratory on cadavre experimentation. Three deplacements have been studied:(More)
The diagnostic of ganglionnary invasion in oral cancer is established throughout the histological investigation practiced during the operation. This histological inquiry has to be rigorous and logical, in conformity with the anatomical particularities of the drainage tubes of the oral mucous. The accurate execution of this diagnostical strategy applied to(More)
Use of a silicone menton endoprosthesis appears to be a seductive alternative to menton osteotomy for profile reconstructions of a certain type, whether pure or associated with orthognathic treatment. A strict surgical technique is essential, particularly a limited incision and median and low situated positioning. The advantages and inconveniences of this(More)
Described by Obwegeser in 1957, horizontal osteotomy of the chin is one of the simplest osteotomies performed on the face. For a long time the insertion of an implant has been preferred to this osteotomy due to the difficulties involved in maintaining it in a good position. The use of preformed Paulus plates of different sizes resolves the problems of(More)