Michael Sittig

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BACKGROUND Cytoreductive surgery (CRS)/hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) is the procedure of choice in patients with peritoneal dissemination from appendiceal cancer. Although recurrence rates are 26%-44% after first CRS/HIPEC, the role of repeated CRS/HIPEC has not been well defined. We hypothesize that patients undergoing multiple(More)
Pretreatment and posttreatment MMPI scores of 821 patients who completed a chronic pain program were submitted to a multivariate analysis of variance, examining the effects of age, gender, and insurance sponsorship. With the exception of scale 9, all clinical scales were significantly lower at posttreatment. Only the sponsorship variable was found to be a(More)
This study investigated the relationship of age and gender to the MMPI scores of patients with chronic pain; 1,766 patients with musculoskeletal lumbar and/or cervical pain were evaluated, using the MMPI. Multivariate analysis of variance (p < .001) revealed main effects for gender and age group variables; no interaction effects were found. For the age(More)
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