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A new construction is presented of scalar-flat Kähler metrics on non-minimal ruled surfaces. The method is based on the resolution of singularities of orbifold ruled surfaces which are closely related to rank-2 parabolically stable holo-morphic bundles. This rather general construction is shown also to give new examples of low genus: in particular, it is(More)
As of now, it is an open problem to find an algorithm that computes the Galois group G of an arbitrary linear ordinary differential operator L ∈ C(x)[D]. We assume that C is a computable, characteristic-zero, algebraically closed constant field with factorization algorithm. In this dissertation, we present new methods for computing differential Galois(More)
Current management of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can be divided into two categories: first, anti-vasoendothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) injection for wet macular degeneration; second, anti-oxidant vitamins for dry macular degeneration. New therapies are being developed for both of these diseases using novel technologies and different modes of(More)
Michael Singer joined Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc. in 2005. He received a BSME degree from Portland State University and holds a professional engineering license from the state of Oregon. He is currently responsible for performing and defining methods of finite-element analyses while based in Winterthur, Switzerland. Torsten Johne has 16 years of practical(More)
The objective of this research has been to develop methods for computing resultants of composed polynomials, efficiently, by utilizing their composition structure. By the resultant of several polynomials in several variables (one fewer variables than polynomials) we mean an irreducible polynomial in the coefficients of the polynomials that vanishes if they(More)
Internship—3-36 hours. Prerequisite: lower division standing and consent of instructor. Work experience off and on campus in soil science. Internship supervised by a member of the faculty. Biological Sciences 1C recommended. Soil as part of natural and managed ecosystems and landscapes. Solid, liquid, and gas phases and their interactions in the soil.(More)
We study the asymptotic behaviour of the partial density function associated to sections of a positive hermitian line bundle that vanish to a particular order along a fixed divisor Y. Assuming the data in question is invariant under an S 1-action (locally around Y) we prove that this density function has a distributional asymptotic expansion that is in fact(More)