Michael Silbermann

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We investigated a real-world contactless payment application based on mifare Classic cards. In order to analyze the security of the payment system, we combined previous cryptanalytical results and implemented an improved card-only attack with customized low-cost tools, that is to our knowledge the most efficient practical attack to date. We found several(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma is a complex genetic disease with more than 20 genome-wide scans conducted so far. Regions on almost every chromosome have been linked to asthma and several genes have been associated. However, most of these associations are weak and are still awaiting replication. METHODS In this study, we conducted a second-stage genome-wide scan with(More)
The incidence of cancer is increasing in the developed countries and even more so in developing countries parallel to the increase in life expectancy. In recent years, clinicians and researchers advocate the need to include supportive and palliative care since the establishment of the diagnosis and throughout the duration of treatment, with the goal of(More)
The overall consumption of opioids globally and in Middle Eastern countries has been in the rise during the past 3 decades. However, whereas the consumption of opiates (morphine) increased by 19.8% that of the synthetic opioids (fentanyl) increased by 31.1% for the same time period. This trend increased even further during the period 2004-2008: morphine(More)
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