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Conventional security exploits have relied on over-writing the saved return pointer on the stack to hijack the path of execution. Under Sun Micro-system's Sparc processor architecture, we were able to implement a kernel modification to transparently and automatically guard applications' return pointers. Our implementation called StackGhost under Open-BSD(More)
Automated system deployment frameworks and configuration management systems have been in wide use for a number of years. However, due to increasing pressures to maintain high availability, coupled with the price effects of commodity servers, administrators may be required to deploy large numbers of systems in shorter time frames than is normally possible(More)
HPC environments have traditionally existed installed directly on hardware or through virtual machine environments. Linux Containers, and Docker specifically, have gained extensive popularity; we believe this current trend toward containers and microservices can be applied to HPC to improve efficiency and quality of development and deployment. User interest(More)
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