Michael Shokhen

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We introduce an enzyme mechanism-based method (EMBM) aimed at rational design of chemical sites (CS) of reaction coordinate analog inhibitors. The energy of valence reorganization of CS, caused by the formation of the enzyme-inhibitor covalent complex, is accounted for by new covalent descriptors W1 and W2. We considered CS fragments with a carbonyl(More)
Various mechanisms for the reversible formation of a covalent tetrahedral complex (TC) between papain and peptidyl aldehyde inhibitors were simulated by DFT calculations, applying the quantum mechanical/self consistent reaction field (virtual solvent) [QM/SCRF(VS)] approach. Only one mechanism correlates with the experimental kinetic data. The His-Cys(More)
Picornavirus 3C proteases are prime targets for rational drug design. This viral protease appears in a large number of viruses from the Picornavirus family that cause serious disease syndromes, and it has an important role in the life cycle of the virus, processing the translation product of the Picornavirus genome by progressive co- and posttranslational(More)
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