Michael Sherraden

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Poverty is associated with negative health outcomes, including depression. Little is known about the specific elements of poverty that contribute to depression, particularly among African American women at risk for type 2 diabetes. This study examined the relationships of economic and social resources to depression among African American women at high risk(More)
This study examines the impact of Child Development Accounts (CDAs)-asset-building accounts created for children at birth-on the depressive symptoms of mothers in a statewide randomized experiment conducted in the United States. The experiment identified the primary caregivers of children born in Oklahoma during 2007, and 2704 of the caregivers completed a(More)
IMPORTANCE This study, based on Oklahoma's statewide Child Development Accounts (CDAs) program, presents findings from the first experimental test of the hypothesis that creating lifelong savings accounts for children at birth promotes their long-term well-being. OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of CDAs, an innovative social policy to encourage lifelong(More)
The incidence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection among adolescents is increasing. Youths who were abused and neglected and in out-of-home care are among those at highest risk of acquiring HIV. The concurrence of sexual activity and school failures contributes to their high-risk status. Research suggests that changing behaviors of troubled(More)
Experience of material hardship can adversely affect a family's ability to make long-term investments in children's development. We examine whether material hardship is associated with one indicator of such investments: participation in a tax-advantaged college savings plan (529 plan). Data for this study come from the SEED for Oklahoma Kids (SEED OK)(More)
We examine the long-term effects of a 1998–2003 randomized experiment in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Individual Development Accounts that offered low-income households 2:1 matching funds for housing down payments. Prior work shows that, among households who rented in 1998, homeownership rates increased more through 2003 in the treatment group than for controls. We(More)
This paper examines the relationship between income and saving performance in Individual Development Accounts (IDAs). We first discuss theories of saving. Next, for IDA participants in the American Dream Demonstration, we look at income sources and distribution, followed by tabulations of income and IDA savings outcomes. Following this, we discuss results(More)
In a time of policy devolution, social workers have a unique opportunity to develop a significant voice in constructing state social welfare policy. This article examines a method of collaborative policy advocacy led by social work researchers, practitioners, advocates, and students. It is illustrated with a five-year project to reduce wealth inequality(More)
BACKGROUND Research has established a negative association between household material hardship and children's mental health. This study examines whether Child Development Accounts (CDAs), an economic intervention that encourages families to accumulate assets for children's long-term development, mitigate the association between material hardship and(More)