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PURPOSE In 2005, an innovative system of hospital-community on-line medical records (OFEK) was implemented at Clalit Health Services (CHS). The goals of the study were to examine the extent of OFEK's use and its impact on quality indicators and medical-service utilization in Internal Medicine and General Surgery wards of CHS hospitals. METHODS Examining(More)
AIMS To test the efficacy and safety of a chitosan pad for femoral haemostasis as an adjunct to manual compression. Haemostasis of the femoral artery after coronary angiography by manual compression is time consuming and uncomfortable for the patient. Closure devices are costly and do not reduce vascular complication rate. The HemCon(r) pad is used by the(More)
BACKGROUND Opioids are considered a cornerstone in the treatment of cancer pain. OBJECTIVES To assess opioid use during a 6 year period (2001-2006) among cancer patients served by Clalit Health Services, the largest health management organization in Israel. METHODS Purchasing data of opioids authorized for use in Israel were obtained from the(More)
Prospective evaluation of the effect of a new copayment for specialists consultations on actualization of referrals (2,432 patient), was examined. Actualization of the appointment, reasons for not actualizing, and sociodemographic characteristics were recorded. Actualization was 85.1% in community consultation clinics and 91.7% in hospital outpatient(More)
OBJECTIVE Suicide is the leading cause of death among Israeli youths but data on causes are scarce. This study used psychological autopsies of 70 Israeli school students who committed suicide during 2004-2011, attempting to determine the causes. METHODS Four narratives of the self were identified (qualitative analysis) and compared (quantitative(More)
INTRODUCTION The association between glucose intolerance, elevated blood pressure and abnormal lipid levels is well established and comprises the basis of metabolic syndrome pathophysiology. We hypothesize that abnormal preconception lipid levels are associated with the increased risk of severe pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia and gestational(More)
Introduction Bedouin Arabs in Israel are a Muslim society undergoing dramatic social change. The Bedouin have lived in the Negev desert since the sixth century, having migrated there from the Arabian Peninsula. In the course of the last five decades this traditionally nomadic/semi-nomadic population has undergone rapid modernization and urbanization, and(More)
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