Michael Shellenberger

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PURPOSE This study was designed to evaluate efficacy and safety of zonisamide (ZNS) as adjunctive treatment for patients with refractory partial seizures. METHODS This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted at four epilepsy treatment centers. It included a baseline phase (8 to 12 weeks) and a double-blind treatment phase (12(More)
The mechanism by which early lead exposure alters the functional development of the brain remains an open question. One primary avenue of approach has been to study the effects of neonatal lead exposure on neurotransmitter systems. This paper reviews the published data related to the interaction of lead with each of those systems. Further, each dosing(More)
Clinical trials with tizanidine when administered alone have shown that 5-chloro-4-(2-imidazolin-2-ylamino)-2,1,3-benzothiodiazole (tizanidine) is safe and effective for spasticity control. However, given its mechanism of action and requirement for titration, clinical experience suggests that tizanidine is likely to be used in combination with other(More)
To conduct a meta-analysis of the antispastic efficacy and tolerability of tizanidine, we reviewed records of the European sponsor of tizanidine trials and selected double-blind, randomized studies of moderate duration in which oral tizanidine was compared with baclofen or diazepam. Studies were required to have individual patient data; three key outcome(More)