Michael Sevilla

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When data grows too large, we scale to larger systems, either by scaling out or up. It is understood that scale-out and scale-up have different complexities and bottlenecks but a thorough comparison of the two architectures is challenging because of the diversity of their programming interfaces, their significantly different system environments, and their(More)
Migrating resources is a useful tool for balancing load in a distributed system, but it is difficult to determine when to move resources, where to move resources, and how much of them to move. We look at resource migration for file system metadata and show how CephFS's dynamic subtree partitioning approach can exploit varying degrees of locality and balance(More)
We present a novel and facile synthesis methodology for obtaining graphitic carbon structures from Fe(II) and Co(II) gluconates. The formation of graphitic carbon can be carried out in only one step by means of heat treatment of these organic salts at a temperature of 900 degrees C or 1000 degrees C under inert atmosphere. This process consists of the(More)
Reading input from primary storage (i.e. the ingest phase) and aggregating results (i.e. the merge phase) are important pre- and post-processing steps in large batch computations. Unfortunately, today's data sets are so large that the ingest and merge job phases are now performance bottlenecks. In this paper, we mitigate the ingest and merge bottlenecks by(More)
The goal of this research is to improve the performance of the RAID4S system. For RAID4S, the throughput slope of small-writes, the magnitude of medium sized writes on both sides of the small/large-write selection threshold, and the speedup of small-write performance suggest that medium-writes using the large-write parity calculation will perform better if(More)
In an attempt to unify two hot trends in the research community , this project explores distributed data mining. The idea of taking big data and processing it to extract information on a large number of nodes has many applications for many sectors outside of computer science. This project explores Apache Mahout and attempts to quantify its modifia-bility,(More)
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