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Directory assistance services play an important role in the establishment of telephone calls, particularly business calls, today and will play an even more important role in the future. The majority of these services is provided by specialized call centers, namely DA call centers. Due to severe availability requirements and often due to very specific wishes(More)
We generalize the exact strong-interaction limit of the exchange-correlation energy of Kohn-Sham density functional theory to open systems with fluctuating particle numbers. When used in the self-consistent Kohn-Sham procedure on strongly interacting systems, this functional yields exact features crucial for important applications such as quantum transport.(More)
For the two-dimensional electron gas, the exact high-density limit of the correlation energy is evaluated here numerically for all values of the spin polarization. The result is spinresolved into ↑↑, ↑↓, and ↓↓ contributions and parametrized analytically. Interaction-strength interpolation yields a simple model (LSD) for the correlation energy at finite(More)
Supersized mercury: Adducts with polymeric (left) or discrete supersandwich structures (right) form from mixtures of the trinuclear mercury complex [(o-C(6)F(4)Hg)(3)] (A) with the triple-decker complex [(CpMo)(2)(μ-η(6):η(6)-P(6))] (B) in the solid state. This arrangement arises from P···Hg interactions between opposing atoms of the P(6) units and the(More)
The reaction of the phosphinidene and arsinidene complexes [Cp*E{W(CO)5 }2 ] (E=P (1 a), As (1 b); Cp*=C5 Me5 ) with carbodiimides leads to the new four-membered heterocycles of the type [Cp*C(NR)2 E{W(CO)5 }2 ] (E=P: R=iPr (2 a), Cy (3 a); E=As: R=iPr (2 b), Cy (3 b)). The reaction of phosphinidene complex 1 a with alkyl azides yields the triazaphosphete(More)
Unprecedented functionalized products with an η(4)-P5 ring are obtained by the reaction of [Cp*Fe(η(5)-P5)] (1; Cp*=η(5)-C5Me5) with different nucleophiles. With LiCH2SiMe3 and LiNMe2, the monoanionic products [Cp*Fe(η(4)-P5CH2SiMe3)](-) and [Cp*Fe(η(4)-P5NMe2)](-), respectively, are formed. The reaction of 1 with NaNH2 leads to the formation of the(More)
The reaction of [Cp*E{W(CO)5 }2 ] (E=P (1 a), As (1 b); Cp*=1,2,3,4,5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) with isonitriles RNC (R=tBu, cyclohexyl (Cy), nBu) depends on the steric demand of the substituent at the isonitrile as well as on the stoichiometry of the starting materials. With tBuNC only the Lewis acid/base adducts [Cp*E{W(CO)5 }2 (CNtBu)] (E=P (2 a), As(More)
A systematic structural study of complexes formed by aluminium and gallium trihalides with 4,4'-bipyridine (bipy) in 2 : 1, 1 : 1, and 1 : 2 stoichiometric ratios has been performed. Molecular structures of 11 complexes in the solid state have been determined for the first time. Complexes of 2 : 1 composition are molecular, while complexes of 1 : 1(More)
The reactions of the tetrahedral diphosphorus [Cp2Mo2(CO)4(η2-P2)] (1; Cp = C5H5) complex with Ag[Al{OC(CF3)3}4] (AgTEF) (A) and Ag[FAl{OC(C6F5)(C6F10)}3] (AgFAl) (B) were studied. The first reaction led to the formation of the [Ag2(η2-1)2(η1:η1-1)2][TEF]2 (2) dimer and the [Ag2(η1:η1-1)3] n [TEF]2n (3) coordination polymer, whereas the second reaction(More)
We have tested the original interaction-strength-interpolation (ISI) exchange-correlation functional for main group chemistry. The ISI functional is based on an interpolation between the weak and strong coupling limits and includes exact-exchange as well as the Görling-Levy second-order energy. We have analyzed in detail the basis-set dependence of the ISI(More)