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Carbon and nitrogen isotope signatures (delta(13)C and delta(15)N) of animal tissues provide information about the diet and, hence, the environment in which the animals are living. Hair is particularly useful as it provides a stable archive of temporal (e.g. seasonal) fluctuations in diet isotope composition. It can be sampled easily and with minimal(More)
Stable isotope analysis of hair has found applications in many fields of science because it provides a temporally resolved, fairly stable isotopic archive of mammalian individuals. We investigated whether this hair archive is modified by natural weathering while attached to a living animal. We analyzed the tail switch hairs of one suckler cow, sampled seven(More)
This dissertation is about the use of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) stable isotope composition of cattle hair as a recorder and integrator of C and N cycling components in organisms, agroecosystems, and at the regional scale. The first aim of this thesis was to develop and assess a method for the extraction of a temporal record of the isotopic history of an(More)
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