Michael Schukat

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— Energy Systems are undergoing radical changes, driven by a combination of factors, including full economic cost, efficiency, environmental impact and security-of-supply, while being facilitated by increased deregulation. This complexity can only be dealt with effectively with the rollout of complex ICT systems that will play a significant role in(More)
This paper presents a diagnostic system for cardiac arrhythmias from ECG data, using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) classifier based on a Bayesian framework. The Bayesian ANN Classifier is built by the use of a logistic regression model and the back propagation algorithm. A dual threshold method is applied to determine the diagnosis strategy and(More)
This paper considers the problem of using miniature low-cost robots for real-world tasks. The issues of low quality sensor data, inaccurate odometry, low processing capacity and limited power are approached through the adoption of a flexible, distributed control system. The system is employed in the context of col-laborative multi-robot exploration. A(More)