Michael Schueler

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We estimated the total neurone number, glial number, and glial index (ratio glial cells/neurone) in the thalamic mediodorsal nucleus (MD) in seven patients suffering from Huntington’s disease (HD; four males, three females, mean age 52.4 ± 13.6 years) and age- and sex-matched controls (four males, three females, mean age 53.6 ± 12.1 years) by means of a(More)
The centromedian-parafascicular complex represents a nodal point in the neuronal loop comprising striatum — globulus pallidus — thalamus — striatum. Striatal neurone degeneration is a hallmark in Huntington’s disease and we were interested in estimating total neurone and glial number in this thalamic nuclear complex. Serial 500-μm-thick gallocyanin-stained(More)
Chronic esophagitis and the subsequent morphological changes of the esophageal mucosa were histologically studied in esophagectomy specimens from 15 patients with Barrett's esophagus. Basal layer hyperplasia with papillary elongation, intraepithelial eosinophils, and intraepithelial neutrophils were found in the squamous epithelium of all (100%), 7 (46.7%),(More)
BACKGROUND Robotic technology offers technical advantages that might offer new solutions for hip arthroscopy. METHODS Two hip arthroscopies were performed in human cadavers using the da Vinci surgical system. During both surgeries, a robotic camera and 5 or 8 mm da Vinci trocars with instruments were inserted into the hip joint for manipulation. RESULTS(More)
This study investigated the effectiveness and the outcomes of rivaroxaban vs the standard of care for venous thromboembolic prophylaxis in patients undergoing fracture-related surgery. A total of 413 patients undergoing fracture-related surgery from 9 Swiss orthopedic and trauma centers were enrolled. The authors selected the type of venous thromboembolic(More)
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