Michael Schroder

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For foreign object detection on runways highly sensitive radar sensors give the opportunity to detect even very small objects, metallic and non-metallic, also under adverse weather conditions. As it is desirable for airport applications to install only small but robust installations along the traffic areas, millimeter wave radars offer the opportunity of(More)
The usage of satellite images and extracting road from the imagery becomes very significant in the services related to road transportation such as maintenance, creation and so on. The literature has numerous works for road extraction but very less contribution is found in dealing with rural areas. In the previous work, ANN-based road extraction technique(More)
Globalization enforces increasing airplane traffic and thus a growing turnover frequency. This requires a sophisticated and time-efficient searching for sources of danger imposed by debris, executing strong risks for airplane take-off and landings. The project introduced in this paper facilitates and enhances the landing strip observation effectiveness.(More)
of time the underlying asset price spends outside of a pre-specified price range (occupation time). Proportional and simple double-barrier step options are gradual knockout options with the principal amortized based on the occupation time outside of the range. Delayed double-barrier options are extinguished when the occupation time outside of the range(More)
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