Michael Scholl

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The EEG and also the MEG were recorded simultaneously from 10 patients with various types of EEG abnormalities; the characteristics of the MEG and its relationship to the EEG were investigated with the use of a digital computer. Examples are shown in which the EEG activity is poorly represented in the MEG and include one configuration of a slow wave with a(More)
High plasma levels of phenobarbital are known to produce profound effects on the EEG background activity. Phenobarbital therapy frequently is administered to the neonate with seizures prior to the first EEG recording. Therefore, it is questionable whether in these neonates alterations of the EEG background activity are related to anticonvulsive therapy. A(More)
Intrahospital transportation of critically ill patients is associated with significant complications. In order to reduce overall risk to the patient, such transports should well organized, efficient, and accompanied by the proper monitoring, equipment, and personnel. Protocols and guidelines for patient transfers should be utilized universally across all(More)
In 7 subjects, serial EEGs, serum bromide determinations, and psychological tests were done prior to and following 13.83 +/- 0.74 (SEM) MAC-hours of halothane anesthesia. Significant psychological impairment demonstrated 2 days following anesthesia in these subjects was absent 2 weeks following exposure to halothane. Nonspecific postanesthetic slowing of(More)