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Acknowledgements First of all, I have to thank Prof. Gustavo Alonso, with whom I have worked for the last four years and who always was an excellent supervisor, providing the support and guidance that made this work possible. I am also thankful to Prof. T. Gross and Dr. C. Mohan for accepting to be co-examiners. Thanks are owed also to Prof. H.-J. Schek,(More)
PURPOSE Syntac Sprint is a new one-bottle adhesive based on the total-etch and total-bond technique. The aim of this study was to compare the new restorative system consisting of Syntac Sprint and the resin composite Tetric Ceram with the clinically proven combination of the dentin adhesive Syntac Classic and the resin composite Tetric. MATERIALS AND(More)
In this paper, we develop heuristic algorithms for a complex locomotive scheduling problem in freight transport that arises at Deutsche Bahn AG. While for small instances an approach based on an ILP formulation and its solution by a commercial ILP solver was rather successful, it was found that effective heuristic algorithms are needed for providing better(More)
The rhythm of autophagic degradation (AV) in visual cell inner segments shows circadian characteristics: it persists under constant conditions of continuous darkness (DD) and continuous light (LL) and can be reentrained to phase-shifts of the light-dark (LD) cycle. However, unlike the rhythm of disk-shedding and many other circadian rhythms, the rhythm of(More)
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