Michael Schmidt

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The problem of clustering speakers by their voices is addressed. With the mushrooming of available speech data from television broadcasts to voice mail, automatic systems for archive retrieval, organizing and labeling by speaker are necessary. Clustering conversations by speaker is a solution to all three of the above tasks. Another application for speaker(More)
We present experimental results and modeling on the efficacy of dielectrophoresis-based single-particle traps. Dielectrophoretic forces, caused by the interaction of nonuniform electric fields with objects, have been used to make planar quadrupole traps that can trap single beads. A simple experimental protocol was then used to measure how well the traps(More)
Microfabrication uses integrated-circuit manufacturing technology supplemented by its own processes to create objects with dimensions in the range of micrometers to millimeters. These objects can have miniature moving parts, stationary structures, or both. Microfabrication has been used for many applications in biology and medicine. These applications fall(More)
We systematically analyze quantum corrections in seesaw scenarios, including effects from above as well as below the seesaw scales. We derive approximate renormaliza-tion group equations for neutrino masses, lepton mixings and CP phases, yielding an analytic understanding and a simple estimate of the size of the effects. Even for hierarchical masses, they(More)
New methods for speaker veriication that address the problems of limited training data and unknown telephone channel are presented. We describe a system for studying the feasibility of telephone based voice signatures for electronic documents that uses speaker veriication with a xed test phrase but very limited data for training speaker models. We examine(More)
A n o v el approach to scoring Gaussian mixture models is presented. Feature vectors are assigned to the individual Gaussians making up the model and log-likelihoods of the separate Gaussians are computed and summed. Furthermore, the log-likelihoods of the individual Gaussians can be decomposed into sample weight, mean, and covariance log-likelihoods.(More)
In this paper research is described which aims at the long term goal of a Virtual Airport Tower without the need of a real tower building, however with improved functionality. Specifically we address the intermediate step of a Remote Airport Tower Center (RTC) for remote surveillance and control of small airports. Because previous work and task analyses(More)