Michael Schmidt

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Flehmen-like responses (urine tests) are one of the characteristic behavioral reactions of male Asian elephants (Elephants maximus) to cow elephants in estrus. Components of the urine of estrous cow elephants were extracted with organic solvents and partially purified by chromatography and shown to evoke Flehmen-like responses when they were presented to(More)
Small-molecule synthesis usually relies on procedures that are highly customized for each target. A broadly applicable automated process could greatly increase the accessibility of this class of compounds to enable investigations of their practical potential. Here we report the synthesis of 14 distinct classes of small molecules using the same fully(More)
—The efficient realization of self-organizing systems based on 2D stencil code applications, like our developed Marching Pixel algorithms, is a great challenge. They are data-intensive and also computational-intensive, because often a high number of iterations is required. FPGAs are predestined for the realization of these algorithms. They are very(More)
Image processing in machine vision is a challenging task because often real-time requirements have to be met in these systems. To accelerate the processing tasks in machine vision and to reduce data transfer latencies, new architectures for embedded systems in intelligent cameras are required. Furthermore, innovative processing approaches are necessary to(More)
A pump-probe experimental approach has been shown to be a very efficient tool for the observation and analysis of various laser matter interaction effects. In those setups, synchronized laser pulses are used to create an event (pump) and to simultaneously observe it (probe). In general, the physical effects that can be investigated with such an apparatus(More)