Michael Schmidt

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The linear scale invariance of the multivariate alteration detection (MAD) transformation is used to obtain invariant pixels for automatic relative radiometric normalization of time series of multispectral data. Normalization by means of ordinary least squares regression method is compared with normalization using orthogonal regression. The procedure is(More)
This article provides a survey on modern methods of regional gravity field modeling on the sphere. Starting with the classical theory of spherical harmonics, we outline the transition towards space-localizing methods such as spherical splines and wavelets. Special emphasis is given to the relations among these methods, which all involve radial base(More)
Knowledge about the illumination conditions in a real world scene has many applications among them Augmented Reality which aims at placing virtual objects in the real world. An important factor for convincing augmentations is to use the illumination of the real world when rendering the virtual objects so they are shaded consistently and cast consistent(More)
BACKGROUND Nitrous oxide diffuses easily from blood into air filled spaces. Xenon is also a relatively insoluble gas, like nitrous oxide. Therefore, the authors measured xenon diffusion into obstructed bowel segments during xenon anesthesia and compared this with nitrous oxide and nitrogen diffusion. METHODS Twenty-one pentobarbital-anesthetized pigs were(More)
Grasping and manipulation are the most important key functions for service robots to help people to handle the everyday tasks in household. After the object is grasped, the internal force between the hand and object is very important for fine manipulation. In this paper, we present the computation of internal force of grasped objects using joint torques. An(More)
BACKGROUND To ensure adequate function after orthopedic tumor reconstruction, it is important to reattach the remaining soft tissue to the implant. This study aimed at obtaining mechanical properties of textile muscle-implant and muscle-bone connections in a preliminary test. METHODS Two groups of soft-tissue attachment were mechanically tested and(More)
Estimating tendon excursion-joint angle relationships that define moment arm variations is a critical part of biomechani-cal modeling. The conventional approach has been to assume a specific mathematical form for these relationships and use experimental data to regress the parameters of these assumed mathematical functions. In contrast, here we propose a(More)
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