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In many applications, like indexing of broadcast news or surveillance applications, the input data consists of a continuous, unseg-mented audio stream. Speech recognition technology, however, usually requires segments of relatively short length as input. For such applications, effective methods to segment continuous audio streams into homogeneous segments(More)
Many open source projects have long become commercial. This paper shows just how much of open source software development is paid work and how much has remained volunteer work. Using a conservative approach, we find that about 50% of all open source software development has been paid work for many years now and that many small projects are fully paid for by(More)
The recognition of broadcast news is a challenging problem in speech recognition. To achieve the long-term goal of robust, real-time news transcription, several problems have to be overcome, e.g. the variety of acoustic conditions and the unlimited vocabulary. Recently, a number of sites have been working on content-addressable multi-media information(More)
Segmentation of the pulmonary lobes is relevant in clinical practice and particularly challenging for cases with severe diseases or incomplete fissures. In this work, an automated segmentation approach is presented that performs a marker-based watershed transformation on computed tomography (CT) scans to subdivide the lungs into lobes. A cost image for the(More)
The foreseeable popularity of mobile devices using ad-hoc wireless network technologies introduces a new class of user: The wandering communication participant, who instantly decides to establish a wireless network connection to a peer or information provider that happens to be in physical reach of his wireless network device. Typically, there has not been(More)
— Efficient visualization of cyber incidents is the key in securing increasing complex information infrastructure. Extrapolating security-related information from data from multiple sources can be a daunting task for organizations to maintain safe and secure operating environment. However, meaningful visualizations can significantly improve decision-making(More)