Michael Schmidt

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Over the past decade, efforts to minimize biodiversity loss at the global scale have been unsuccessful owing to the ineffective nature of the implementation of the precautionary principle. A comprehensive review and analysis of the success of the Habitats Directive as a precautionary tool in conserving biodiversity at the national scale can assist policy(More)
Although many governmental institutions have provided their costumers with access to electronic government documents there is still a lack of accessibility for handicapped citizens. In this paper we present an approach to improve access to governmental forms for handicapped citizens, in particular for people with visual impairments, elderly people,(More)
The occurrence of fasciculations is an indication for several neurological disorders. However, due to the low amplitude and irregular occurrence, these involuntary muscle movements are hard to quantify. Currently used techniques have to be applied manually from a trained specialist and lack the possibility of a remote measurement of fasciculations.(More)
The demographic change in European societies has led to raise attention for the needs of elderly people. Many of elderly people suffer from cognitive as well as from physical restrictions. This impacts their ability to participate and to communicate in their social environment. This could be substituted by constructing a virtual social environment based on(More)
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