Michael Schmidt

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The decision in September 2011 in the UK to accept blood donations from non-practicing men who have sex with men (MSM) has received significant public attention. Will this rule change substantially boost the number of blood donations or will it make our blood less safe? Clearly, most European countries have a blood procurement problem. Fewer young people(More)
Over the past decade, efforts to minimize biodiversity loss at the global scale have been unsuccessful owing to the ineffective nature of the implementation of the precautionary principle. A comprehensive review and analysis of the success of the Habitats Directive as a precautionary tool in conserving biodiversity at the national scale can assist policy(More)
Advances in salmon culture practices during the latter part of the 20th century provided the opportunity for mass production of juvenile salmon. Hatchery-produced salmon currently outnumber wild salmon in some regions around the Pacific Rim, raising concerns about their ecological impacts on wild salmon. We convened five regional sessions at an(More)
BACKGROUND Extraction protocols using magnetic solid phases offer a high potential for automation. However, commercially available magnetic-bead-based assays either lack the sensitivity required for viral diagnostics or are disproportionately expensive. METHODS We developed an aqueous chemistry for extraction of viral nucleic acids from plasma samples by(More)
Influenza viruses, including highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N1), could threaten blood safety. We analyzed 10,272 blood donor samples with a minipool nucleic acid amplication technique. Analytical sensitivity of the method was 804 geq/mL and 444 geq/mL for generic influenza primers and influenza (H5N1) subtype-specific primers. This study(More)
Although many governmental institutions have provided their costumers with access to electronic government documents there is still a lack of accessibility for handicapped citizens. In this paper we present an approach to improve access to governmental forms for handicapped citizens, in particular for people with visual impairments, elderly people,(More)
The demographic change in European societies has led to raise attention for the needs of elderly people. Many of elderly people suffer from cognitive as well as from physical restrictions. This impacts their ability to participate and to communicate in their social environment. This could be substituted by constructing a virtual social environment based on(More)