Michael Schluse

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This paper focuses on joint work towards the development of simulation applications in the forest sector. They are based on advanced "semantic" world modeling techniques which use remote sensing data and processing algorithms to derive tree species classification maps, as well as forest stand attributes and single tree databases over large areas. The(More)
Distributed 3D simulations are used in various fields of application like geo information systems (GIS), space robotics or industrial automation. We present a new database-driven approach that combines 3D real-time simulation techniques with object-oriented data management. It consists of simulation clients that replicate from a central database object data(More)
State of the art 3D simulation applications like virtual test-beds for space robotics, industrial automation or even forest inventory require a highly flexible but still real-time capable data management system. For this, we combine a high-performance internal simulation database with external object-oriented databases into a new real-time capable data(More)