Michael Scherrer

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Deletion of the potassium transporter genes TRK1 and TRK2 impairs potassium uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, resulting in a greatly increased requirement for the ion and the inability to grow on low pH medium. Selection for mutations that restored growth of trk1Delta trk2Delta cells on low pH (3.0) medium led to the isolation of a dominant suppressor(More)
1) Measured during spontaneous breathing in ten patients with diffuse interstitial lung disease, total pulmonary resistance averaged 3.53 +/- 1.56 cm H(2)O per L per second; airway resistance, 1.63 +/- 0.79 cm H(2)O per L per second; and lung tissue resistance, 1.90 +/- 0.95 cm H(2)O per L per second (range, 0.89 to 3.96). The lung tissue resistance was on(More)
In a double-blind crossover trial 16 asthmatic patients were given placebo or 4 or 8 tablets of Neophyllin (each tablet containing 56 mg proxyphylline and 84 mg diprophylline) on two consecutive days. Very slight bronchodilatation independent of the oral dose and plasma level was observed 90 minutes after taking Neophyllin. However, when a betastimulator(More)
Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction was produced in 12 asthmatic patients after a 6 minutes run on a 10% steep treadmill ergometer. FEV1 decreased by 12-73% (average 27%) of the control value measured before the run. The rather severe exercise-induced bronchoconstriction remained constant for 10-20 minutes after the run. 21 minutes after the run two puffs(More)