Michael Schaeffner

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OBJECT Resection of gliomas in or adjacent to the motor system is widely performed using intraoperative neuromonitoring (IOM). For resection of cerebral metastases in motor-eloquent regions, however, data are sparse and IOM in such cases is not yet widely described. Since recent studies have shown that cerebral metastases infiltrate surrounding brain(More)
When treating cerebral metastases all involved multidisciplinary oncological specialists have to cooperate closely to provide the best care for these patients. For the resection of brain metastasis several studies reported a considerable risk of new postoperative paresis. Pre- and perioperative chemotherapy (Ctx) or radiotherapy (Rtx) alter vasculature and(More)
BACKGROUND Recent data show differences in intraoperative neuromonitoring (IOM) in relation to the operated brain lesion. Due to the recently shown infiltrative nature of cerebral metastases, this work investigates the differences of IOM for cerebral metastases and glioma resection concerning sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values when aiming on(More)
Indications, surgical procedures and results of rotated regional pedicle flaps of skin for decubitus on the region of the greater trochanter are demonstrated and the consequences discussed concerning practical importance. Nous avons présenté les indications, les techniques opératoires et les résultats des greffes par lambeau de rotation dans les escarres(More)
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