Michael Schönhuber

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Recommended by Abbas Mohammed Results from a measurement campaign emulating the high altitude platform (HAP)-to-indoor communication channel at S-band are presented in this paper. A link was established between a transmitter carried by a helicopter, representing the HAP, and a receiver placed at several locations in different building types including an(More)
— Reliable propagation models are required for the design of satellite broadcast to mobile or satellite navigation systems at S-band in the indoor environment. In particular, these models will support the development of hybrid satellite systems including complementary ground components. Apart from the effects of shadowing and multipath encountered in LMS(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents a hybrid empirical-statistical model for the satellite-to-indoor propagation channel at S-band derived from measurements using a helicopter to simulate the satellite. The measurements have been carried out by means of a wideband, circularly polarized channel sounder in a SIMO (Single Input Multiple Output) configuration, allowing(More)
1. INTRODUCTION During the winter of 2006-2007, a number of in-situ and remote sensing precipitation measuring devices were operated at the Center of Atmospheric Research Experiment (CARE) site located near Egbert, Ontario about 30 km to the NW of the King City C-band operational dual-polarized radar. While the experiment was originally designed to measure(More)
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