Michael Sandiford

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Apatite fl"lOn track data combmed WIth regIOnal geologIcal observatlom mdlcate that the uplift of the Tran,· antarctIc Mountams has been coeval wllh thmnmg and sub'ldence of the crust beneath the Ross Embayment In the Dry Valleys regIOn of south Vlctona Land, the moun tams have been uplifted about 5 km smce the early CenozoIC at an average rate of about 100(More)
Habitat fragmentation is extensive throughout the world, converting natural ecosystems into fragments of varying size, density and connectivity. The potential value of remnant trees in agricultural landscapes as seed sources and in connecting fragments has formed a fertile area of debate. This study contrasted the mating patterns of bat-pollinated Pachira(More)
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