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 Social cash transfers in many developing countries   effectively tackle poverty  enhance growth's effectiveness in reducing poverty   stimulate economic growth.  Social cash transfers are affordable in most developing countries, with development partner support playing an important role in some countries.  Design elements that maximise the(More)
The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of static and dynamic stretching protocols within general and activity specific warm-ups. Nine male and ten female subjects were tested under four warm-up conditions including a 1) general aerobic warm-up with static stretching, 2) general aerobic warm-up with dynamic stretching, 3) general and specific(More)
Promoting child development and welfare delivers human rights and builds sustainable economies through investment in 'cognitive capital'. This analysis looks at conditions that support optimal brain development in childhood and highlights how social protection promotes these conditions and strengthens the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals(More)
Previous investigators have speculated that applying additional external load throughout the eccentric phase of the jumping movement could amplify the stretch-shortening cycle mechanism and modulate jumping performance and jump exercise intensity. The aims of this study, therefore, were to determine the effect of increased eccentric phase loading, as(More)
Wayne County is Michigan's most populous county with 1.7 million residents and its county seat in Detroit. Unlike many other counties throughout the state, Wayne County does not provide a government-supported law library to serve its residents. The Arthur Neef Law Library which serves the Wayne State University Law School has a long-standing tradition of(More)
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