Michael Sampels

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We consider a simplification of a typical university course timetabling problem involving three types of hard and three types of soft constraints. A MAX-MIN Ant System, which makes use of a separate local search routine, is proposed for tackling this problem. We devise an appropriate construction graph and pheromone matrix representation after considering(More)
Two ant algorithms solving a simplified version of a typical university course timetabling problem are presented – Ant Colony System and MAX-MIN Ant System. The algorithms are tested over a set of instances from three classes of the problem. Results are compared with recent results obtained with several metaheuristics using the same local search routine (or(More)
The main goal of this paper is to attempt an unbiased comparison of the performance of straightforward implementations of five different metaheuristics on a university course timetabling problem. In particular, the metaheuristics under consideration are Evolutionary Al-of all the algorithms use a common solution representation, and a common neighbourhood(More)
The work presented in this thesis consists of two parts. The first part (Chapters 1 and 2) introduces a general formulation of Shop Scheduling problems, called the Group Shop Scheduling problem (GSP). This problem formulation covers among other Shop Scheduling problems the Job Shop Scheduling problem (JSP) and the Open Shop Scheduling problem (OSP). As(More)
The book gives an introduction to metaheuristics for students and practitioners. It requires no prior knowledge of the field, as the basic concepts are developed step by step from the bottom up using the knapsack problem and therefore allowing the user to concentrate on the main ideas of metaheuristics. The concepts are then expanded to concrete algorithms,(More)
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