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Ongoing and Online: Children and youth's perceptions of cyber bullying
The use of online technology is exploding worldwide and is fast becoming a preferred method of interacting. While most online interactions are neutral or positive the Internet provides a new meansExpand
Systematic Synthesis of Qualitative Research
This work focuses on the integration of Qualitative Research within Evidence-Based Practice and the development of a systematic approach for conducting Qualitative Synthesis. Expand
Heterosexism among Social Work Students
It cannot be assumed that social workers are immune to the negative attitudes and beliefs towards gay men or lesbians that are prevalent in society. This study examined the prevalence of heterosexismExpand
A meta-analysis of the psychological treatment of anger: developing guidelines for evidence-based practice.
  • Michael Saini
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry…
  • 1 December 2009
A meta-analytic review of the effects of treating dimensions of anger by using various psychological treatments found in the scientific literature provides the basis for developing evidence-based guidelines for specific populations with anger problems. Expand
Types of parental involvement in CBT with anxious youth: a preliminary meta-analysis.
Between posttreatment and 1-year follow-up, the proportion with anxiety diagnoses significantly decreased in CBT with active parental involvement with emphasis on CM or TC, whereas treatment gains were merely maintained in the other 2 groups. Expand
Executive Function Impairments in Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Do They Differ between School and Home Environments?
EF impairments, particularly in inhibition, appear to underlie the behavioural manifestation of ADHD, however, parents and teachers do not always agree when reporting EF impairments at home and in school, and information from both types of informants is essential for understanding and treating children with this disorder. Expand
Interventions to Prevent and Reduce Cyber Abuse of Youth: A Systematic Review
Objectives: The Internet has created a new communication tool, particularly for young people whose use of electronic communication is exploding worldwide. While there are many benefits that resultExpand
Real-World Dangers in an Online Reality: A Qualitative Study Examining Online Relationships and Cyber Abuse
Children and youths use electronic technology such as the Internet more than any other medium through which to communicate and socialize. To understand the phenomenon of cyber abuse from children'sExpand
Interventions to Reduce Distress in Adult Victims of Rape and Sexual Violence
Objectives: This article presents a systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing distress in adult victims of rape and sexual violence. Method: Studies were eligibleExpand