Michael Sadovsky

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The simplest model of a smart spatial redistribution of individuals is proposed. A single-species population is considered, to be composed of two discrete subpopulations inhabiting two stations; migration is a transfer between them. The migration is not random and yields the maximization of net reproduction, with respect to the transaction costs. The(More)
A new method to identify all sufficiently long repeating substrings in one or several symbol sequences is proposed. The method is based on a specific gauge applied to symbol sequences that guarantees identification of the repeating substrings. It allows the matching of substrings to contain a given level of errors. The gauge is based on the development of a(More)
A novel model of thermal regulation of homoeothermic animals has been implemented. The model is based on a non-equilibrium thermodynamic approach which introduces entropy balance and the rate of entropy generation as a formulation of The Second Law. The model explains linear correlation between an animal's skin and environment temperatures using the first(More)
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