Michael Sacilowski

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To assess the degree of luminal and extraluminal colonization of long-term central venous catheters (CVC), 359 indwelling silicone CVC from 340 consecutive cancer patients were examined. All CVC were cultured by the roll-plate and sonication quantitative culture techniques. Semiquantitative electron microscopy was done on 39 CVC associated with catheter(More)
Slime-producing staphylococci frequently colonize catheters, and when they are embedded in biofilm, they become resistant to various antibiotics. In the study that is described, the comparative efficacies of vancomycin, clindamycin, novobiocin, and minocycline, alone or in combination with rifampin, were tested in an in vitro model of colonization. The(More)
We describe a new method for improving the parameters of the Amber force field for RNA by fitting to energies and forces from quantum chemistry calculations. Parameters for the Amber force field currently in use were obtained from sources such as vibrational frequencies and crystal data for bonded and van der Waals parameters and QM calculations for the(More)
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