Michael S Smirnov

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We introduce a charging and accounting (CA) architecture for IP multicast services with QoS guarantees over ATM for QoS-sensitive fair charging. The architecture is based on an extension of the Multicast Integration Server (MIS, [SaCS97]) that efficiently provides IP multicast over ATM, supporting Internet Integrated Services (IS) with receiver(More)
Network Service Providers (NSP) try to offer the best Quality of Service (QoS) which adapts to the requirements of their customers applications. Moreover, customers claim low prices. So, the cost of the providers has to be as low as possible. Therefore, the selected service model should be low-cost as well as able to provide good and differentiated quality.(More)
Long-term structural plasticity of dendritic spines plays a key role in synaptic plasticity, the cellular basis for learning and memory. The biochemical step is mediated by a complex network of signaling proteins in spines. Two-photon imaging techniques combined with two-photon glutamate uncaging allows researchers to induce and quantify structural(More)